So you have a great, informative website that is receiving visits from your clients, old and new. How about taking it up a level and adding a secure online store, that will generate additional income for your veterinary business?

Pet food & treats, toys, bedding, grooming products and any all other accessories your website’s visitors may require can all be displayed and sold through your website. The Vet Website Company will help with every aspect of getting your online store up-and-running in no time at all, from planning what to sell, right through to processing orders, collect payment and setting up shipping options. Your online store will be safe and secure, always adhering to the eCommerce industries strict standards, allowing for your customers to shop with peace of mind around the clock.

Setting up an online store does not mean you’ll face a huge expense. In fact, we can get your pet store ready for it’s first sale for as little as £29.95 GBP / $49.95 CAD per month. Whether you wish to stock 10 products or 500, we will have a solution tailored for your veterinary practice.

Benefits of adding an online store to your website:

  • Generate income – even when your brick-and-mortar vet practice/animal hospital is closed, your online veterinary store will always be open
  • Convenience – your furry clients and their owners will thank you when they can order products from the comfort of their home
  • More visitors – even if some people come just to browse your store, they will still be exposed to your services and potentially get in touch
  • Secure – all transactions are carried out using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) method, ensuring any data transmitted from the shopper’s computer to the payment processor are kept completely safe from prying eyes

Get in touch with us today to speak with our expert team, your online veterinary store awaits!