You’ve maybe heard the term ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, or SEO for short, but what exactly is it? And what other methods are there? This week we will go over the popular and effective methods of getting your veterinary website found online by your potential clients.

Online marketing can essentially be broken down into 3 main components ; SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Social Media.

Search Engine Optimisation

We use safe and effective methods to make your veterinary website more attractive to major search engines such as Google and Bing! 

We will discuss the keywords that’ll work best for your veterinary practice and ensure your website’s content is relevant and keyword-rich. The ultimate goal is to make your website extremely visible within the major search engines, ideally in the top 1 to 3 spots.

We will also ensure you keep the content on your website fresh – search engines love freshness! Having an active blog is great for this, as well as keeping your clients informed and engaged. The Vet Website Company will work with you to produce great looking content.

Your current position within Search Engine Results Page (SERP), your competition and budgets are all major factors when determining how quickly you can expect to see positive results i.e. getting to the top few results on page 1. In terms of cost, again, there are many variables and SEO is certainly not a one-size-fits-all gig. However, whatever your budgets, we can put it to great use and drive traffic to your animal hospital!

To discuss SEO in greater detail and for information on how a successful campaign is easily achievable for your business, get in touch with our marketing experts today.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC allows you to market your veterinary practice on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, under such sections as “Sponsored Links” that appear at the top of search results.

When we start your pay-per-click campaign, we will research an extensive list of competitive keywords & negative keywords for your veterinary company.

Unlike SEO, PPC does offer immediate results. As soon as the campaign is created and we hit ‘Start’, the ads will be displayed to potential clients of yours. However, the results of the campaign are not long-lasting, unlike with SEO. As soon as we stop or pause the PPC ads, your business will not be attracting any new visitors.

In terms of cost, this really depends on how competitive your local area is. If you have no other animal hospitals or veterinary practices in your area advertising with PPC, you can expect to pay considerably less per click, or per website visitor. On the flip side, if there are several vets in your area trying to attract new clients with Google Adwords for example, you’ll face a higher per click situation. Regardless, The Vet Website Company will ensure you always get the best Return-on-Investment.

Social Media Management

Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, are increasingly playing a major part when it comes to almost all businesses and their marketing efforts.

We’ll create you a professional profile, advise you what to post on your Facebook page and how often to tweet – all helping to maintain the best image for your veterinary practice. With such a high proportion of internet users now engaging with companies on social media, it’s vital your veterinary business is there and actively taking part.

There is also the Paid Advertising aspect of social media – which is very similar to PPC as above. If you are a Facebook user, you’ve likely come across many ads – and if you ever click those ads, the company is likely paying for that privilege.

The ads on social media can be directed at very specific demographics – for example ’25+ year old adults, living within a 5 milk radius of your postcode, that have an interest in animals’.

As with PPC, you decide your monthly budget and we put that to the best possible use. The cost will of course also depend on the strength of your competition and how wide an audience you wish to target.

As you can see, there are options for your veterinary business to get ahead of the competition online. For more information and to discuss your particular campaign, please get in touch with our marketing team.