Business as usual not as usual!

COVID-19 is affecting us all in many ways and over the past few weeks, we’ve been asked by several of our clients for recommendations on video chat software as many veterinary practices scramble to still be there for animals in need of attention.

While a few have opted for the well-known and popular apps such as Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp, there is, in our opinion, a more suitable and professional option. Zoom has been growing in popularity throughout the world and is used by many from governments, to schools, businesses of all sizes and indeed by the general public for personal use.

It is quick, simple and FREE to sign up and use, simply visit their website here.

Once installed, you’ll just create a ‘session’ and send the link to your client before the consultation is due to take place. They too will need to go through the simple installation process (one-time of course), so ask them to prepare when the appointment is being arranged.

Key benefits

  • Unlimited 1-to-1 meetings/sessions
  • The ability to invite other participants – for an example a nurse could join in if required (calls with more than 2 participants are limited to 40 minutes if you are on the free plan)
  • Fantastic video and sound quality

If you’d like information to be added to your website regarding video consultations, as always do not hesitate to reach out to us!